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STOL Mods Reviews

Backcountry 182

This are my personal reviews of the STOL mods I have made to my airplane which I have been flying for more than 1000 hrs.

Feel free to call me or write me an e mail if you want to have more information or want to buy any of these mods to your plane.

Sportsman STOL

I can say it was the biggest improvement to the airplane.

I had the Horton STOL with flap gap seals and VGs , it had good control at slow speeds most likely thanks to the VGs, at 60 mph approaches it felt like sinking from under you.

Replaced the Horton with a Sportman, removed the stall fences and flap gap seals, added the VGs on top.

Another airplane, I could do 50 mph approaches no problem the very first day I tested it, very stable, very good control at slow speeds, no more running out of elevator when coming real slow for landings.

After a few years I can do 45mph approach speeds when the airplane is light and there is no wind.

I could not land at many of the places I land if it was not for the Sportsman STOL.

Added safety with a power off stall speed of 40mph, much shorter take offs and landings, better glide, and a lot more fun to fly.

MT Propeller

Its an awesome improvement to the airplane.

Loose 16 pounds on the nose in case of the Hartzell Prop I replaced.

In a Cessna 182 it’s loosing this amount of weight does make a difference in the elevator forces Because of its light weight there is a quicker throttle response, great for windy landings, backcountry operations, short fields.

Its larger and wider and it works as an airbrake when at full pitch and no power, which helps for steep approaches Better climb, quieter.

Durability, contrary of what many pilots think, its is very durable, I have had mine for more than 1,000hrs operating in the backcountry and its still in pretty good shape.

Highly recommended.

Micro Aero Vortex Generators

Another great mod.

In case of the Cessna 182, when coming very slow to land usually you ran out of elevator and sunk into the runway, VGs do help having more elevator authority.

Also roll response is improved at slow speeds, giving you more instant response and no mushy controls.

I heard many pilots say that their VGs didn’t do anything for their airplane, I say you didn’t fly it slow enough to feel the difference it makes, go slow it down and you will be surprised.

Also reduces the stall speed, making it safer , and allowing slower approach speeds.

Alpha systems AoA indicator

You dont need it, but once you have it you never want to fly without it.

After you have one, looking at the airspeed for landing will feel old fashion.

You can get all the performance out of your airplane in a safe way, no calculations or guessing.

No sinking, no floating, no guessing Vx Vy Vg.

Not only for landing, also for manuvering, all around its an added safety.

BAS inertia reel seatbelts

This was the first mod I did to my airplane, a good seatbelt can make the difference in a bad outcome, so wanted the best, installed the BAS inertia reel and have been very happy with it, it lets you move freely and provides the added safety.

This is the first thing I miss when I fly in another airplane that doesnt have this kind of seatbelt, the comfort and the added safety.

For me this is a must and the first mod to do.

Cleveland Wheel and brakes

For the backcountry the added braking power and reliability of the Cleveland brake and wheel kit its also a must.


  1. Thanks for the info. Honestly, you’re the only youtube subscription I have. The vids are great. I have a TU206G with a Horton STOL and flap gap seals and am considering VGs. Did you ever fly your plane with Horton STOL before it had VGs? Is so, did you notice an improvement once you got the VGs? Understanding that every plane is different, how much did it cost to replace the Horton with the Sportsman? Thanks again!

    • Yama I did fly my 182 with the Horton before and after VGs, you can tell the difference if you slow it down, at landing you get more elevator authority at slower speeds, I used to ran out of elevator at the flare, and VGs helped, also they help with aileron authority at low speeds, much better and not mushy.
      As for the Sportsman STOL it made a dramatic difference after I removed the Horton , also removed the flap gap seals, and re installed the VGs on the Sportsman cuff.
      Cost with install included , between $4,000 to $5,000 , it will put a big smile on your face on the very first flight though.

    • STOL kit and VGs barely lost 2 kts if anything, Bigger tires is where you loose more speed, about 6 knots when I removed the wheel pants and put larger tires.
      The mods where installed by my mechanic in Costa Rica.

  2. Your plane looks great, and videos are inspiring.

    How big were the stock wheel/tires, and what’s the current size?

    Also, what inspired the paint job? The orange looks sharp!

  3. Hello! I am 14 and have always wanted to be a pilot. My dad has a C210 and we fly around together quite a bit. I live on a small airstrip about 20 miles north west of Mt. Rainier (WN15). Feel free to come and land anytime. (Land to the south and takeoff to the north). I am addicted to back country/off airport flying. Been to a lot of places like Tieton State, Ranger Creek, Johnson Creek, Sulphur creek, and just cant get enough of back country flying. Huge fan of your YouTube page, Keep up the awesome videos!


  4. Did you go to a larger fork and front wheel?
    Thanks for doing the homework for us. And if you are ever looking for passenger, I’m a student pilot out of Boise, looking forward to exploit all of Idaho’s back country.

    • Stock O 470 R Continental in all my videos.
      Just upgraded to a Pponk conversion which last week,has 45 more HP, currently I am in the break in process.

  5. wondering what your early thoughts are of the p-ponk? I am buying a 182 this summer and am thinking about an engine upgrade.

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