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Backcountry 182 Videos

This are videos taken and almost non edited, this are shots than wont appear in the movie.

Beautiful PNW flying between Concrete and Parrington, and landing at a gravel bar.
Sky Jump airstrip, 1,100ft uphill grass strip, the approach between trees creates a downdraft when approaching with a tailwind or quarterly tailwind , like the day this video was made, avoid with tailwind more than 10 kts.
 Biggles near centralia Washington 850ft long grass strip, fence on the approach about 3ft and apple tress at the other end about 7ft. Recommended with some headwind or no wind.
Costa Rica, Corcovado national park, Sirena station.
Only accessible by boat, a 6 hr hike or by plane.
High trees on the approach end, rutted , narrow, and short.(Less than 1000ft usable) Always a thrill to land here, there have been more than 20 accidents since the strip was opened, the worst was a cessna 182 that stalled on approach and killed all 4 people.
Backcountry flying in Costa Rica, compilation of scenes, that wont make it to the movie.

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