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Backcountry 182 Videos

This are videos taken and almost non edited, this are shots than wont appear in the movie.

Beautiful PNW flying between Concrete and Parrington, and landing at a gravel bar.
Sky Jump airstrip, 1,100ft uphill grass strip, the approach between trees creates a downdraft when approaching with a tailwind or quarterly tailwind , like the day this video was made, avoid with tailwind more than 10 kts.
 Biggles near centralia Washington 850ft long grass strip, fence on the approach about 3ft and apple tress at the other end about 7ft. Recommended with some headwind or no wind.
Costa Rica, Corcovado national park, Sirena station.
Only accessible by boat, a 6 hr hike or by plane.
High trees on the approach end, rutted , narrow, and short.(Less than 1000ft usable) Always a thrill to land here, there have been more than 20 accidents since the strip was opened, the worst was a cessna 182 that stalled on approach and killed all 4 people.
Backcountry flying in Costa Rica, compilation of scenes, that wont make it to the movie.


  1. What avionic mods did you make to your airplane?

    I am literally going to copy your mods completely on my newly-purchased C-182P. Now all I have to do is learn to fly as well as you do down low/slow…

    Bill Vrastil

    • Hi Bill, here is a list of my avionic mods.

      Avidyne 550
      Stec 20 Autopilot
      Avidyne audio panel.
      Girmin 796 GPS with Gizmo to mount in the panel
      Aerospace Logic oil pressure/temp and fuel gauges

      This other mods, you can buy thru me , since I am a dealer and can give you a discount.

      MT propeller two blade
      Alpha Systems angle of attack indicator
      Sportsman STOL kit
      CiES fuel senders
      Middle Fork mods Tail slide

      Any questions let me know and I will be happy to help.



    • I have 8.50s on the mains, 7.00 on the nose, the fork is a heavy duty Cessna 182 fork, not the standard one.

  2. Larry,
    Im considering buying a 73 182p and looking to remove wheel pants and add the 182 HD nose fork. I know it can be added with a logbook entry since it was an option on that year, but curious about your tire choices. Was looking at a 6.00 front wheel and 800’s on mains. If I decide to go to 7.00 and 8.50s do I need an STC? Also are your mains the 10″ rims sold by Alaska Airframes?

    • I think you need a field approval in the USA for bigger tires, you can find the 6 bolt main wheels thru Alaska Bushweels
      Nose fork Airglas or get a heavy duty one from Cessna, which will limit you to a 7.00 on the nose.

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