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Method Seven Technical Eyewear

Most of the pilots I see wear regular sunglasses for flying, just as I used to do. I had no idea that there was eyewear designed specifically for pilots, or that they would be such a game changer.

I used to pull my sun glasses down every time I wanted to see the digital displays, and then also for landings, or looking at clouds. Normal, casual sunglasses, also interfered with the fit of my headset, reducing the hearing quality. It just seemed that they were always in the way. It’s not that the sunglasses were bad, it’s just that they were intended to be used at the beach or while fishing, not for flying.

Then I was introduced to Method Seven eyewear, specifically made for pilots. What a difference! I immediately noticed less eye fatigue, I wasn’t struggling to see the digital displays, or needing to pull them down during landings. Method Seven frames are specially designed to not interfere with headsets and are super light, thanks to their titanium frames.

The lens material and coating also enable the wearer to see their digital displays clearly, while maintaining protection from the sun. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Method Seven offers three different UV protection models. I find myself gravitating toward the medium ones (18), as it gives good protection on sunny days, but also easily lets me see the displays, and offers enough contrast even for rocky, narrow gravel bar landings.

I use the darker models (9) when flying high, like when I fly in my friend’s PC 12. The darker lenses are excellent in the bright conditions at 22,000 feet and when landing at higher altitude airports.

Method Seven also offers a clear lens, which I like to use on cloudy days. The glasses eliminate the glare encountered on overcast days, while leaving me able to see inside the cockpit and study the contour of the clouds.

Lastly, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I felt the glasses are very stylish. If you’re a pilot considering your first upgrade. Consider changing your eyewear. You can’t go wrong with Method Seven.