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Witness and enjoy the thrill of a Cessna 182 flying in the most challenging
backcountry strips and gravel bars of Costa Rica, Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Spectacular diverse scenery with high quality video.

Come join us on
an amazing adventure


Backcountry 182 Movie just released!!

Movie production of a Cessna 182 flying the backcountry: scenery includes volcanoes, cloud forests, rain forests, thrilling jungle strips, short strips, beaches, mud and grass in Costa Rica. Washington and Oregon state scenery includes the Cascades mountains, snow peaks, pine tree forests, challenging gravel bars, short grass strips, and state forest airstrips. In Idaho, explore famous challenging strips on the mountains with high density altitude airstrips that have beautiful scenery.

Filmed from inside the cockpit, with outside views and ground views, giving a wide variety of perspectives in high definition.

One chapter includes a description of the plane and every mod it has. We explain as a pilot what each mod feels like on the airplane.